About Us

The Pearl storefront in North Carolina


Established in 2019

Formerly known as Deborah’s Place, 114 N. Howe Street instantly found a special place in Sylvia’s heart.

She loved the atmosphere, the customers, and the entirety of the little boutique as it were her own while she worked as a sales associate with previous owners Deborah and Frank.

When the opportunity to purchase the shop arose, she couldn’t think of a single reason to say no.

Now the current owner and operator of the store, Sylvia has brought a bright and modern New York spin to The Pearl. She has included work from several Hudson Valley artisans along with the handcrafted goods that the Southport community has grown to know and love.

This store will continue to shine by the Southport Waterfront with its unique, warm, and memorable gifts that patrons of all ages are able to enjoy.

Sylvia Ognan recently relocated to Southport along with her husband Richard in 2017. Originally from NY, they both sought out the warmer weather and to be closer to her mother.

Sylvia is a known pet lover, as dogs of every shape and size are found in the store. And trust us when we say ALL sizes. Sylvia has two Newfoundlands of her own, Stanley and Bea, who love greeting new customers with wet kisses.

The vibrant and outgoing personality that Sylvia brings to The Pearl will certainly make you want to attend one of her fun-filled monthly events. (Who could pass up a complimentary glass of wine and some delicious homemade treats?)

She plans on working to keep The Pearl fresh & polished in the Southport community for years to come.